Chocolate Candy Box Molds

Molds to produce chocolate boxes to contain candies. A wonderful way to offer candies! With these polycarbonate bonbonnière molds, you will create chocolate boxes that customers will enjoy as much as the truffles or candies that they will contain.

Wide Spatula for Chocolate

35.00  $CAD   25.69  $CAD

Cocoa Pod Box Chocolate Mould

28.50  $CAD   23.50  $CAD

Clog Sweet Box Chocolate Mould

32.00  $CAD   27.80  $CAD

6 Eggs Box Chocolate Mould

23.45  $CAD   19.95  $CAD

Scallop Shell Chocolate Mould

23.20  $CAD   20.10  $CAD

Gift Sweet Box Chocolate Mould

28.50  $CAD   23.50  $CAD

Heart Shaped Sweet Box Chocolate Mould

26.50  $CAD   21.70  $CAD

Cornucopia Chocolate Mould

28.70  $CAD   24.95  $CAD

Oval Candy Box Chocolate Moulds

28.50  $CAD   23.50  $CAD

Egg Support Chocolate Mould

23.45  $CAD   19.95  $CAD

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