Chocolate Candy Box Molds

Molds to produce chocolate boxes to contain candies. A wonderful way to offer candies! With these polycarbonate bonbonnière molds, you will create chocolate boxes that customers will enjoy as much as the truffles or candies that they will contain.

6 Eggs Box Chocolate Mould

23.45  $CAD   19.95  $CAD

Egg Support Chocolate Mould

23.45  $CAD   19.95  $CAD

Scallop Shell Chocolate Mould

23.20  $CAD   20.10  $CAD

Heart Shaped Sweet Box Chocolate Mould

26.50  $CAD   21.70  $CAD

Gift Sweet Box Chocolate Mould

28.50  $CAD   23.50  $CAD

Cocoa Pod Box Chocolate Mould

28.50  $CAD   23.50  $CAD

Oval Candy Box Chocolate Moulds

28.50  $CAD   23.50  $CAD

Cornucopia Chocolate Mould

28.70  $CAD   24.95  $CAD

Wide Spatula for Chocolate

35.00  $CAD   25.69  $CAD

Clog Sweet Box Chocolate Mould

32.00  $CAD   27.80  $CAD

Pumpkin Chocolate Mould

69.50  $CAD

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