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Air Brush Kit


MSRP: 270.00  $CAD  

Special: 209.95  $CAD

You save: 60.05  $CAD (22%)

Air Brush Kit

This complete air brush kit offers you precision performance for a soft spray pattern and tight line detail. Lets you get close to your work and allows easy cleaning and color changing. Includes: the air brush gun, the air compressor 1/5 force 110 volts, the stand for the gun and the air hose.

    -Portable & Lightweight
  • -Thermally protected
  • -Low noise
  • -Auto stop
  • -Adjustable pressure
  • -Humidity trap

        Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
      • Power: 1/5 HP
      • Voltage: (110-120 / 60HZ) 110 Watts Maximum
      • Maximum pressure: 7 bars (100 PSI)
      • Air output per min./litres: 23L / Minimum
      • Auto stop: Starts at 2,8 bars / Stops at 4 bars (special pressure available)
      • Options fitting: Manometer, pressure regulator, air filter connection 1/8" BSP
      • Net weight: 3,6kg (7,92lbs)
      • Dimensions: 24,5cm X 13,5cm X 17cm (9 3/5" X 5 2/8" X 6 5/8")
      • Electric cable: 1,9 meters (6,25 ft)

          Note that we offer 2 versions of the airbrush here are the differences to help you make your choice:

          Single Version:
          Air always comes out of the gun even if the trigger is not pulled. This version is very good when shooting soft surfaces like creamed cakes. The fact that air is always coming out makes it for a smoother start and will not damage the creaming. Ideal for new airbrush users and inexperienced users.

          Dual-Action Version: Air does not come out of the airbrush without pulling and pressing the trigger. To start working you have to pull and press the trigger (dual-action).This version is good for any surface and allows to work faster. The fact that air does not come out before pulling and pressing the trigger allows the user to execute different airbrush techniques. Note that people without experience might find it difficult to shoot soft surfaces or will have difficulty to obtain a velvety finish.
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